Sunday, December 26, 2010

The breakdown

As I sit here on my bed, it having just turned Monday morning, watching the movie Easy A whilst syncing my iPod so as to rid it of all its Christmas cheer, wearing my incredibly old yet still fitting Adidas pants that make that swooshing sounds and a super stretched out Green Bay Packers hoodie, I find myself thinking about the things in life that girls are often expected to be and to do, many things that I am not and that I don't do. So here's the breakdown:

I love video games, especially Halo 2. I could spend hours playing such things, I just don't. I would choose some sporting event over the mall EVERY TIME. The thing I talk about most with my dad? Sports, sports and more sports. Forget online shopping unless it's on DFTBA Records, iTunes or some sneaker website. I love sneakers so once Sunday comes it's time to get out the flats. I own one pair of high heels and I wear them maybe once every six months. My dream first date would be floor seats to a basketball game between two really good teams w/ either pizza before or after. Honestly, one of my favorite meals is some kind of large salad. I adore oranges. And yet . . . I could eat pizza every meal each day for a week. At least. I'll pick action/adventure/drama/nerdy/kind-of-stupid-yet-still-witty comedy films over romantic comedies pretty much any day. My favorite non-healthy snack: some kind of traditional potato chips and french onion dip. Hats are the life: baseball caps and beanies. I like reading autobiographies of athletes; I got two this Christmas alone. Normal young adult literature makes me gag. Crossword puzzles are my favorite type of puzzle, tied with jigsaw. The puzzles of relationships don't really interest me. "Puzzle" meaning the whole "game" thing people do when they apparently like each other. No mind games. Nothing of the sort. Forget the color pink. It repulses me. Just because I wear a t-shirt doesn't mean I'm not a girl. My t-shirts define me, my personality, my feelings for the day, more than almost anything else. I love Legos more than any other children's toy. And perhaps most importantly, more than anything in the world at this moment I long for a best friend who is a boy. Not a boyfriend. Not a boy who I like and who likes me back and we do some weird "not in a relationship" thing though you still do all the relationshipesque things. A boy who is my friend who will be there for me and listen to my crap and understand that I don't need anything more than some hugs and someone to laugh with, and sometimes laugh at. I just need him to be my friend.

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