Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mac-in' it up

I realized yesterday that I am officially a Mac user.

Up until this past summer I had been a PC user, though not for any particular reason. We've always had a PC at home and when I went off to college I brought with me my brother's HP laptop; he sure wasn't going to use it being in South Africa for two years. By the time freshman year was over, Landon [the HP laptop] just about had it. The day I left my dorm room it stopped working. Fancy that, I needed a new computer.

So I got a lovely white 2010 Macbook. And I could not be happier with it. [I have yet to name it.]

When I got into my media writing lab this year, I luckily signed up for the the one that took place in a Mac lab. There's something about Mac keyboards I just really love; it's a nerd thing. I would have done just as well in a PC lab but the Mac lab makes me feel even more nerdy, so how could I not love it?

I obviously use my Macbook every day and every Friday I was in the Mac lab guess what kind of computer I worked on. Those who use Macs know that in order to right click, you use the command key on the keyboard.

Yesterday I was in a PC lab in order to take the benchmark exam for the communications major. Countless times, whenever a red or green line appeared underneath something I typed, I automatically went for the command key, which obviously doesn't exist on PC keyboards. I ended up hitting the control key who knows how many times. And every time after I realized I could use that fancy little gizmo known as a mouse. Go figure.

My name is Anna. I longboard, play the ukulele and love Ovaltine. I am officially a Mac user.

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