Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2 down

As exam week approaches and the semester ends, there is the inevitable rush of essays that double as finals. This semester, I had two such essays.

The first essay was an argumentative essay for my Spanish composition class. It was a 5 page paper not including the cover page, index, 1.5 page bibliography, and one page of what I learned in the class. I wrote mine on the positive effect sports, specifically soccer, have on the world. If I had my way, I would probably write on sports for every essay. I'm pretty sure I can relate them to pretty much anything too. After weeks of writing and at least 4 hours of editing between last night and this morning, I turned it in this afternoon just after one o'clock. Mission accomplished. I was really lucky to have a few friends help me out. A lot. My friend Isabel, who I met in class and who I can tell will probably be my friend for a long time, edited w/ me last night and this afternoon as we struggled through making sure everything was formatted correctly between our two papers. (We had a nice little time printing everything correctly as well). Last night my friend Jordan came over to help me after I'd spent 2 hours with Isabel sorting things out. He's helped me with a few paper this semester and his help really has been invaluable. The way Jordan explains everything is perfect for me. Having lived in Uruguay for 2 years, he knows what's up.

The second essay is for my journalism class and I actually finished it within the past hour. It's one of those cumulative type essays that has you answer all these little questions that really add up to "What did you learn this semester?" I've been working on it for about a week now and I'm pretty satisfied with everything I got down in my Word document. However, it will be another 10 pager to print out. Yikes.

Luckily, I have an awesome brother who is visiting for the week and he stole me away from my work for a while so we could go to Culver's and get custard. Here's the deal: custard is amazing and awesome and 10 billion times better than ice cream. If you don't agree, you've clearly never had the right kind of custard. Here's the other deal: Utah doesn't have custard, at least it's not good custard. Culver's is an uber-Midwest thing so for one to open up just this past winter in Utah is a big deal. I've been twice in less than two weeks. And I'll be going at least once more before leaving Utah. Plus, there was the time I went in like February when my brother was visiting again. It's good stuff.

And yet I still have 3 actual exams left. Wish me luck.

So is there any topic you guys want me to blog about? Any questions you may have that I can answer?

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