Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm laying down . . . and time

I'm doing that thing where I lay on my back with my knees bent and sticking up so my laptop can lean up against them and also sort of on my stomach and then I have both my pillows supporting my neck so in all actuality I'm just laying back without having to do anything but move my hands/fingers while I type. I've got my fleece blanket draped over my feet and my letter from yesterday's post sitting next to me. It's a great thing.

Basically, I figured I would write this while waiting for one of my Spanish speaking friends to show up and help me with this research paper. And by help I mean "he'll read it and fix my mistakes and explain why I need to change things". He's quite helpful and good at explaining why things are wrong.

As school comes to a close, classes end this Wednesday, I've got a lot to figure out and I've had a lot to reminisce about as well. I'm basically halfway through my college experience; when did that happen? This past year has been a blur and at the same time I remember distinctly how time has moved as it has. What a weird sensation, that time element. Suddenly I have to start legitimately thinking about a career when last year it was probably one of the last things on my mind. I have friends getting married, or dating seriously enough that marriage really isn't that far off. Last year it was the biggest joke to even think about getting married at 20, and now one of my closest friends is. She's so happy and I could not be more happy for her but still: marriage is for, you know, old people.

What is it about time that makes everything else in life seem strange? For a year to go by when I was in elementary school was sort of forever. For a year to go by now is ridiculous. After going home for the summer I feel like I haven't been there for months and months and months and months, yet somehow it's like I've never left. By the end of the summer I can hardly wait to get back to school, though that's due to the lack of my school family in Wisconsin and not due to the fact that I miss homework and studying. Once I get back in Utah it's somehow like I've never left once again; I see my school family again and it is as if we were never really separated.

How does that happen?

Last video I watched: Vocal Point, Jump Jive n' Wail


Bex said...

thinking about time makes my brain hurt--so i tend to just not do that. also: from that description, i still have no idea how you are laying/sitting/whatever.

anna said...

I'll demonstrate some time.