Monday, February 27, 2012

I think I got outed . . .

As in, with my secret YouTube life. Well, it's not a super secret. Some people know it, people on this blog too. I don't link the channel hardly ever. But tonight that might have changed.

We had an activity at church where we showed all these little videos we made. I filmed/edited my group's video and the easiest way to share it w/ the people in charge was via YouTube, so I uploaded it to my channel a few days ago and linked to my friends in charge of the activity. I didn't think much of it.

Until tonight when we all got together to watch the videos and have a little awards ceremony.

You know how at the end of videos, a mosaic of related videos comes up? Yeah, my face was up there a couple times on the mosaic from other videos I made recently. And I feel like it stayed up there a long time, far longer than any of the other video ends did. I just kept saying to Becca, who was sitting next to me, "Exit the video, blank the screen, turn it off. Turn it off. Turn it off."

So we'll see if I have an increase in views over the next couple of days. It's not that there's anything embarrassing in the videos, it's just that I don't ever talk about my channel publicly. I have literally had zero roommates who knew/currently know the full extent of my YouTube use/creations. I'm just terribly scared people will start quoting my videos to me; well, scared might not be the right word. It will just be incredibly weird. Surreal is probably a better word. Some videos I'm quite proud of and I'm really glad I made them. Others are just super random and most people would not understand. Let's hope they find the good ones.

In other news, it's almost March, so that's pretty exciting.

Last YouTube video I watched: The Edge of the Universe

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