Saturday, March 10, 2012

Longboarding high

I went out on my board for the first time in months. I was gone maybe half an hour, probably a little less. It's a beautiful day, currently 59 F. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, so I will most definitely be going out then as well.

You know how runners rave about how good it feels and the whole runner's high? Yeah, longboarding definitely gives me that. I've never had a runner's high, nor do I ever really want to, but if it feels half as good as a longboarding high does that'd still be pretty good. How I longboard is sometimes how I wish I felt running. My mind becomes so clear. I hardly think about anything, even when I'm trying to work things out. I get distracted to the point of thinking about nothing. I often like going out on my longboard to figure things out a little, but the actual figuring doesn't last long.

I distinctly remember the last time I went out longboarding before it got too cold. It was a night late in October. I'd gone on a date the night before, a first date, and had a really great time. No one was really around that night and I had a lot on my mind so I took out my board. It was probably around 9, maybe even later. Riding at night is definitely better than riding in the middle of the day but not quite as good as riding when the sun is beginning to set, like it was when I went today. My figuring out of the whole date situation and other things was weighing heavily on my mind but once I got out on a smooth road, nothing else mattered. The feeling your feet and legs get longboarding is crazy. I love it. I get so relaxed on my board. Eventually I did figure out how I really felt, but it took awhile. If I have the intention of going out on my longboard to think, I usually spend a lot more time out.

One thing I wish I had was my own soundtrack while longboarding. I have running playlists, or for tennis, or for walking home from school, or just really chill things. But I don't have a longboarding one. I don't often bring my iPod w/ me since a) I want to be aware of traffic, b) headphones can get annoying and c) I love the sound of my wheels on the asphalt. Said playlist would definitely include songs off the new Coldplay album Mylo Xyloto, all the songs from Imagine Dragons' new EP Continued Silence, and I can see it having a couple Weezer songs.

So try longboarding if you like skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding or any of that stuff. Even if you don't like those things, you should still try longboarding. It's magical.

Last YouTube video I watched: Meeting Charles Barkley

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