Saturday, June 9, 2012


Last night Lorraine, Becca and I participated in an activity so sophisticated I can hardly believe we did it at all.

We watched the movie Thor on Lorraine's laptop while sitting on a blanket on a hill of south campus. The most sophisticated part of it all? We were also eating cheese and crackers: slices of provolone on cheap, off-brand Wheat Thins.

It was Lorraine's idea to watch a movie outside. The night was far too beautiful to sit inside, that's for sure. None of us had seen Thor yet, even though we've all seen The Avengers. (Lorraine has seen Avengers three times actually.) At first I was a little skeptical of the situation. I didn't quite understand the appeal of watching a movie outside; sure, it's fun to do, but it seemed an oddly specific activity for the night. I went along with it though and it turned out great.

The weather was absolutely perfect to sit on the grass. There was a breeze but it was a warm breeze. The sky was clear enough that we could see some stars, though in Provo you don't see many stars ever just because of city lights. A lot of the time I wasn't even watching the movie. I was looking around instead, admiring the night and the situation itself. I've been trying to do as much fun stuff as possible in this spring term and last night was great for that. It was so chill to sit there w/ two of my closest friends watching that movie based off comic books. Everything about last night was calm and carefree. It wasn't the irresponsible or traditional collegiate fun I've come accustomed to on Friday nights but that doesn't make it any less wonderful.

And since we're on the subject of the movies Thor and The Avengers, here's some quick thoughts on them:  Thor is a pretty cool guy, definitely very good-looking. I like Norse mythology and all that jazz. I can see why people are so obsessed with Thor. The group known as The Avengers is pretty awesome as well, though by far the most awesome Avenger is Captain America. Now that I've seen all the comic book movies leading up to creation of The Avengers I can now say it definitively. Everything about Captain America/Steve Rogers is wonderful. It seems people usually pit Thor against Captain America as far as good-looks are concerned, and Thor seems to win out more often than not, at least in my experience. Captain America will always win my book though.

Now that I've finally seen all the preceding movies I really should see The Avengers again. I'll probably understand even more of it, and I already did get almost all of it.

At this point there are 10 days until I return to Wisconsin. We'll see what other adventures I can get done before that time.

Last YouTube video I watched: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift (Cover by Colette Butler and Callie Moore)

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