Monday, August 20, 2012


Today was not wonderful, nor was it terrible. It kind of just was, if that makes sense.

This morning I had orientation for my new job. It's going to be an interesting and busy semester, that's for sure, but I'm excited nonetheless.

The most exciting part of the day, by far, was checking the mail. I got two packages. One was from Amazon, a book for a class. The other was my ShayCarl Volcom tee. I found a way to get it 50% off so I really could not resist. They also stuffed two stickers in the envelope so now my laptop case has some new decoration; I couldn't be more pleased.

Well, I'm going to read The Fault In Our Stars now. I need some John Green in my life today, I can just tell it's one of those days. I'm feeling weird about life and decisions today, so I figure reading will help me put things in a different perspective and give me a way to think about what's been going on.

Last YouTube video I watched: Song For The Painfully Indie

Edit: I've decided for the rest of the afternoon I'm ditching my phone. So if you're in dire need of conversing w/ me, the best way to do so would probably be e-mail.

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