Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Absolutely terrible effort

I didn't mean to become such a terrible blogger but nearly 10 days have passed since I last posted and I'm pretty sure that equates to being a terrible blogger when it comes to blogging every day of a month.

No one is missing out on much, however. I spend my days at work (in the library) and then studying (in the library or at home). In just over a week I'll be in New York, though. That's quite exciting. Two months in New York City and then it's back to Provo.

I suppose another exciting thing is that I'm all set for graduation. I'll be walking at the ceremony in August and in December I'll be officially done. Pretty cool, eh?

And the final exciting thing I've done lately is finish designing a magazine. It was the final project (a group project) for my publication graphics and design class and it turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself. We present it to the rest of the class on Saturday night. There is perhaps no time more terrible for a final exam than 8-10 pm on a Saturday, except maybe for 7-10 am on the last day of finals, which is when my Spanish exam is.

So here's to a few days of me and my friends suffering through finals.

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