Sunday, April 28, 2013

I live in New York now

I've been in this state/city since 4:30 this afternoon and thus far I'm quite pleased. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to get here but it was well worth it. (Thanks to the beautiful Benjamin for the ride to the airport!)

So far adventures have included exploring the Denver airport to find Starbucks for Kelly and finding a Jamba Juice for me, wandering around the housing complex just for kicks, directing everyone else to Chipotle for DELICIOUS burritos, and buying a metro card and using it for the first time.

My last days in Provo until June were pretty adventurous as well. So they weren't really adventurous at all but they were super awesome.

Thursday night, since Stacy graduated, her parents were kind enough to invite me to dinner with them, as well as Stacy's boyfriend. It was a really fun dinner and we ate delicious Chinese food! After dinner, I headed over to Lava Lounge for Ryan's little going away party. He's actually in Wisconsin doing an internship, which makes me so happy since he gets to experience my brilliant home state. A bunch of us ate ice cream and talked, relishing in the fact that exams were DONE.

Friday was super chill. All I really did was pack. That evening I decided to longboard since I hadn't gone all spring yet and I wouldn't be doing it until June. On my way back I stopped by Jeffrey's apartment. We ended up talking for at least 2 hours, as is customary with us. It was so good talking with him. Jeff has this incredible ability to give me awesome advice/counsel while slightly making fun of me at the same time; I absolutely love it.

When I left Jeff's around 10:30, I ended up at Peter's again. I wanted to make a Taco Bell run but Peter and his roommates had gone out to dinner so he wasn't hungry. But I found myself there nonetheless. I honestly don't even remember what we did. Well, besides watch Community because we always do that. Really we just talked and enjoyed each other's company.

Saturday afternoon turned into a time of goodbyes as Peter and I hung out for the last time until June. We ate Chick-Fil-A, my last free meal for a long while I suspect, hung out at the park since it was an absolutely gorgeous day and watched some Doctor Who. I have no complaints about how we spent that time. It was the kind of afternoon I truly love.

Saturday night I watched the BYU men's volleyball team win the MPSF Championship, or something like that, I don't quite remember the official name. But BYU won and it was awesome. The only other exciting part of the night was a last minute chat with Cameron. He's a gem of a person if there ever was one. It's always a good time when he sits me down to talk.

And that pretty much gets us to present day/night. I'm here in New York till the end of June. And it should be awesome.

life is good.

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