Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photo dump (Parks, food, Brooklyn Bridge)

Wednesday was mine and Kelly's last day of freedom. Once again we just wandered the city. Our main stops that day were:

High Line

Washington Square Park

This is honestly my all-time favorite building. I've always thought the Flatiron to be totally representative of New York. I was seriously in awe as Kelly and I walked around looking at it. I don't even know what it is about it that I love so much but seeing it was perhaps the highlight of my New York visit so far.

Madison Square Park

After our first day of work on Thursday, Kelly and I got back around 7 o'clock. We work 10-6 which are pretty good hours but it takes about 50 minutes to get from Morningside Heights to Brooklyn. At that point we were pretty tired so we looked up some restaurants with a 5 minute walking distance. I found this Italian restaurant super close by so we went to check it out. What a good choice. The first good sign the dinner would be good was that all the employees, at least that we encountered, which was probably three or four people, spoke Italian/were Italian. The second sign was that two men seated near Kelly and I were also speaking in Italian/were Italian. I got a margherita pizza and it was AMAZING. I love pizza napoletana and this did not disappoint.

Friday after work we met up with all our friends and then headed down near NYU to get Ukrainian food. Another journalism student, Stephanie, served her mission in Ukraine and she was absolutely thrilled people wanted to come with her to get Ukrainian food. I'm definitely a huge fan of it now. 

The food I got was all potato and cheese based, making it the most awesome food ever. I also thought about ordering borscht, which Lava Lounge occupant Trent often makes, but I don't think I could've eaten all of that food. According to Stephanie the borscht was delicious though.

Saturday was a big group adventure day. A bunch of us headed to Central Park and we relished the perfect spring weather. It was incredibly crowded but once we got on some lesser paths it was much nicer. I think what I love about Central Park is how much it reminds me of Wisconsin. There are trees everywhere, obviously, and all of them are super tall, like basically all the trees back home are. The problem with a lot of trees in Utah is they're too young. Also, Utah is a desert. New York greenery is awesome and whenever I make a return trip it will probably be in fall.

For lunch on Wednesday we stopped by a food cart for falafel sandwiches. As this was my first falafel I wasn't sure what to expect but everyone raved about them so I figured falafel had to be pretty delicious.  And it was. Central Park seemed like the perfect place to eat it too.

Then we headed to Canal Street, aka the place where you buy purses and scarves and watches and sunglasses for really cheap. It's a pretty crazy place, definitely the kind of place that would seem perfect for an anthropological study. After perusing the merchandise and getting sufficiently hungry once again, we stopped for dinner at the Excellent Dumpling House. And excellent it was! Canal Street is fairly close to both Little Italy and Chinatown and this Chinese food did not disappoint. 

After dinner it was time to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was slightly windy but that didn't stop Kelly, Bev and I from walking across it in its entirety. It's definitely another activity I'd do again.

So now everyone is updated on my New York adventures. I'm not sure if there's anything in particular planned for next week but later this month I'll probably be going to a Mets/Reds baseball game since Chelsey, a PR major, is from Ohio and I'm not one to turn down going to a baseball game.

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