Tuesday, August 4, 2015

June favorites

Clothing item: Merona chambray shorts
Accessory: All the snapbacks
Beauty product: Bare Minerals purely nourishing moisturizer for combination skin
Movie: Pitch Perfect
Netflix show: Full House
Game: Tetris Blitz
App: Vine
Book: Landline by Rainbow Rowell
Sweet snack: Washington hazelnut & chocolate ribbon ice cream from Cupcake Royale (Hit it up if you're in Seattle)
Salty snack: Sour cream and onion chips
Beverage: Baja Blast
Recipe: Homemade penne rosa
Restaurant: Black Bottle (If you're in Seattle, I highly recommend it)
Album: Fall Out Boy's American Beauty/American Psycho
Song: Electric Love by BORNS
YouTube video:  Ghost Fighting Corporation

Other notable moments

  • Traveled to Seattle, which also meant going to Oregon and Washington for the first time
  • Saw Grace, Hannah and Mamrie's #NOFILTERSHOW (Which my friends and I drove 13 hours specifically for)
  • Reunited with my loves Ben and Ryan in Seattle
  • Camped at Flaming Gorge

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