Tuesday, July 7, 2009

YouTube music

Today is the one year anniversary of something that should have been incredibly happy but it's nothing. The day's been decent but it's hard to think about what it could have been. I could be in another state right now, let's just leave it at that . . .

Julia Nunes posted a new video today, a cover of a song by 3OH!3. [Is that how you write that name? I'm not much of a radio listener.] After watching that and finally realizing where those vegetarian lyrics came from, I watched the Bar A song that Greg wrote and that they did together while she was in England. From there I progressed to Greg's actual channel. I don't think I can explain how much his music means right now. Just hearing his voice. I was reading Alex Day's blog and he also mentioned Greg and one of Greg' songs because I guess Alex stole, rather, made an homage to Greg, in naming his new song. Haha. Twas lovely to see two people I admire greatly giving me the same suggestion in a completely different and unintentional manner. [Well, of course it's unintentional. The day Julia or Alex does something to intentionally influence me will be crazy awesome.] Nonetheless, Greg Holden has made my day.

It would be safe to say that most of the music I listen to these days comes from YouTube in some way. I'm going to make a video about it.

I started my photo wall today as well. I'm very excited about it and eager to get more pictures and expand the awesome.

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