Monday, August 17, 2009


1. Go to Six Flags.
2. Spend an entire week, known as the "Week of Awesome", w/ Margo before I go to school.
3. Dance party.
4. Read one chapter of some book every day.
5. Write in my journal, well, more.
6. Make a YouTube friend.
7. Finally go to a Wizard Rock concert.
8. See Half-Blood Prince at midnight.
9. Send someone one of the random letters I wrote for them.
10. Spend one entire day at the tennis courts.
11. Buy a swimsuit & feel good about it.
12. Start [another] & [maybe] finish a short story/novel.
13. Spend extended time w/ Marcas.
14. Beat Spongebob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman.
15. Write one song about Harry Potter.
16. Make dinner for my friends.
17. Watch every single episode of Seinfeld.
18. Walk w/ Kate for hours.
19. Catch up on LOST.
20. Drive downtown, windows down, have Julia Nunes playing, & sing along. Loudly.
21. Dance in the rain [Thanks for this one, Rosey!]
22. Sleep under the stars.
23. Have a real conversation w/ Matthew, aka booshoe37.
24. Slow dance w/ one kid from church one last time before college.
25. Play lazer tag. Like, the home version w/ the crazy chest dealios.
26. Hide N' Seek. In the dark. Old school, man.
27. Dig a hole at the beach.
28. Ghostbusters marathon.
29. Leave my house for the entire day w/ no electronics.
30. Buy gifts & leave them on my friends' doorsteps.
31. Watch a sunrise & sunset on the same day.
32. Swim in the lake, most especially when it's really cold.
33. Run around the sand dunes.
34. Have a picnic. Basket and all.
35. Wait around the young adult book section & recommend books to people.
36. Super Soaker Battle.
37. Be the first one to watch a video on YouTube.
38. Make sketch shoes.
39. Direct my friends in a fashion show at Target.
40. Invite a friend to church.
41. Make homemade pizza.
42. Read outside on a blanket.
43. Dress in one solid color.
44. Draw a chalk mural.
45. Talk to my roommate on the phone.
46. Fly a kite.
47. Write letters to my brother.
48. Run.
49. Take a long bike ride.
50. Wade in the creek.
51. Fish w/ my dad.
52. Buy a whole outfit at Goodwill.
53. Climb a tree.
54. Teach a friend something.
55. Get the Chameleon Circuit CD. [I NEED DOCTOR WHO MUSIC!]
56. Have the same food for every meal of the day.
57. Make/eat pudding cup freezee pop dealios.
58. Buy a friend a milkshake. Like, randomly. [Thank you, Rosey, for this inspiration]
59. Learn a few chords for guitar.
60. Drive to Kopp's out of the blue just for fries & custard.
61. Go to at least 2 Brewers games.
62. Grill myself lunch.
63. Finish Forever On the Mountain
64. Go to my first real concert. [BARENAKED LADIES WERE AWESOME]
65. Make my photo wall.
66. Learn to tie a tie. [I can't say I remember now, but I did learn]
67. Buy Harry, A History
68. Listen to the episode of PotterCast w/ Jo Rowling. [Yeah, haven't done that . . .]
69. Not care.
70. Eat my usual summer lunch.
71. Buy a pair of Adidas Samba.
72. Have a YouTube theme week.
73. Watch all the vlogbrothers' videos. [As in the official B2.0]
74. Give The Notebook another chance.
75. Laugh at The Notebook after the second chance.
76. Color.
77. Finally see a movie w/ Joseph after saying we would for something like four years.
78. Set up my brother's tent.
79. Laugh more.
80. Write down my goals.
81. Go to Bay Beach.
82. Build a fort in the living room.
83. Watch a movie while in the aforementioned fort.
84. Design a t-shirt.
85. Learn the rest of Ice, Ice, Baby
86. Learn all the words to An Awful Lot of Running
87. Make a list of words that should be added to the dictionary.
88. Be awesome. [I thank Lexie for this one]
89. Make a cake.
90. Window shop.
91. Read a book about a person.
92. Write haikus.
93. Light sparklers.
94. Make smore's over a legit campfire.
95. Have fun at the museum.
96. Visit the CCP concessions.
97. Wear my acid-washed jeans to the mall.
98. Throw a frisbee forehand. Do this well.
99. Play Top Spin and win a Grand Slam.
100. This one shall remain secret. [Keyword "jersey". This way I'll remember who it's about]

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