Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Music Edition

So last night I acquired some new music from my friend Jordan. He and I have really similar taste in music so we're always recommending stuff and talking about why we love the other's shared music library. I finally have the "Dan In Real Life" soundtrack and the "Garden State" soundtrack, as well as a bunch of music by The Smiths, a band you will recognize if you've seen the great movie "500 Days of Summer". Today I decided I wanted MORE of his music collection so I made a list of stuff he has that I, well, WANT.

-Passion Pit
-Ingrid Michaelson

Granted, I have a few songs by many of these bands but I would love more. I figure I can "exploit" his music collection since he at least kind of likes me and I at least kind of like him, so together we pretty much like each other. [Obviously I'm really not exploiting this. It just so happens to be convenient]

Tonight I'm going to my friend Josh's basketball game. Some of my friends and I are making SIGNS, because we're OBNOXIOUS. I'm pretty excited about it. Josh is awesome and is a super awesome basketball player.

T-shirt: Grey tee explaining how to make a paper crane. From Urban Outfitters. Really. It actually shows you how.
SEXY: Boys who listen to kind of folksy music.
UNSEXY: Music on the radio.

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