Friday, April 23, 2010

What I Miss About College

So I'm really good at making lists. Bullet points/hyphens are my best friends. So here's a list of stuff I miss about college. Already.

1) The boys: There are a lot of guy friends. They are lovely. They are pretty much all handsome. They all make me laugh. I won't see any of them for 2 years. Somehow I could always find one of them when I needed someone.

2) Walks: I went for walks w/ some of my roommates but over the last month I have taken a great number of walks w/ one of my friends. He was the perfect person with whom I could walk. He is easy to talk to, we just get each other; at least, he gets me.

3) MMP: The boy with whom I am closest. He's ridiculously awesome.

4) Food: I say food only because we have little to no food in my house right now, though it's because my family has been gone all week.

5) Sitting outside: It was perfect after a long day of class to take a blanket from your bed and lay it out on the grass in front of the boys' hall. Though this mostly happened in the last few weeks, it was so worth it. Being with all my friends, just eating Otter Pops & talking, made life beautiful.

6) Roommates: Not having my people around just downright sucks.

7) Pizza Rolls: I always had these in the freezer. This goes along w/ having no food in the house.

8) Mountains: I love the greenery of my home state but having mountains literally right outside my building was amazing. It's something I had never experienced before college & made the first year lovely.

9) Basketball court: There's a nice one right outside my back door. It was perfect for watching my boys play and for playing myself. Shooting around is the best.

10) JEB: He's the boy I went with on walks. I kind of liked him. He's like me, except a boy.

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