Sunday, August 8, 2010

Academia draws near

As I sit here typing, music streaming through my headphones courtesy of the boy who holds/held the music to my heart, I am drawn to the thought of the school part of school. I mean, I guess I could go to college to get an education and not just have fun.

Tonight I've been looking at my prospective schedule. I decided to change my Humanities class to 2 days a week instead of 3, and from 5-6:15 in the evening instead of 3:-3:50. The professor for the evening class is supposed to be incredible, according to Rate My Professors; I hold the website in high esteem on account of how the highest rated professor is a religion professor at BYU. Now my task is to switch sections of Spanish 321. Already it's crazy to think about since I'll be in a class w/ those sketchy as heck returned missionaries. Last week I looked up what my teacher was like, via Rate My Professors once again, and found that she, for lack of better words, is kind of a sucky teacher; many people have a hard time understanding her directions and such. This only freaked me out more. I need teachers, especially for Spanish, that are not spastic. I'm afraid that if I don't get out of her section that she will ruin my love for Spanish: that cannot happen; I will legitimately cry she does.

Other than that, I am most excited for my soccer class. I've been looking at shin guards to buy but have yet to make a purchase. I figure I might try and borrow some from friends at school that play/have played soccer and will bring theirs with them. *cough Becca cough* [Yes, that is my way of asking you if maybe you could bring your shin guards to school w/ you] :)

Only 18 or so days remain until I cross the border into Utah. Wow.

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Bex said...

ahahahah. i will see if i can find them. or i'll steal my little brother's. who isn't so little anymore. but i'll be packing like mad for about a day before i leave, since i'm in WA and unable to do it until the 26th or something. i love being mentioned in your blog! :) hahah