Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dealbreakers: Sports Edition

Instead of studying for their zoology exam, my friends Megan and Maddie decided instead to make a list of things boys are not allowed to do, aka dealbreakers. Even though they were in Madison and I was at home, skype allowed me to take part of this wonderful event. Clearly my friends have their priorities sorted correctly.

One of my own personal dealbreakers is if a boy does not like sports: sorry buddy, you'll be gone in a heartbeat. I began thinking up some specific sports dealbreakers and decided to compile my list here on this blog:

IF YOU . . .
-dislike the Green Bay Packers: dealbreaker
-dislike Brett Favre: dealbreaker
-think tennis is boring: dealbreaker
-think soccer is boring: dealbreaker
-don't know anything about Quidditch: dealbreaker
-like the Minnesota Vikings: dealbreaker
-think Rex Grossman has/had talent, not only are you an idiot, but it is also a: dealbreaker
-don't believe in shelling peanuts at baseball games: dealbreaker
-don't fill out a March Madness bracket: dealbreaker
-are unaware of the event that occurred in the 91st minute: dealbreaker
-consider cheerleading an official sport: dealbreaker

Well, that's all I have for now but I am sure there will be a part II FORTHCOMING.


Bex said...

i hope this doesn't count for girls too, because really i only like quidditch, soccer, and volleyball. :/

SJo said...

Good thing I am not a boy! I don't even know what some of these qualifications mean... ;)