Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo Finds

At the end of May I lost a photo of a friend and myself that was taken at the end of freshman year. I had been keeping it in my school Book of Mormon, as a bookmark of sorts. I use photos as bookmarks on account of how I hate real bookmarks, and it's always fun to open up a book I haven't read in a while to find a photo depicting some great times.

But I digress . . . It was really sad to not have this photo for months on account of how it's one of my favorites. I looked all over my room: under my bed, in all the books I even read a page from, in my missionary letter notebook, on my dresser, in my South Africa box, even on my desk. But to no avail. I had pretty much just decided to get another copy printed but I knew the picture was in my room somewhere so that was just going to be a waste of, like, a quarter. And thus the search went on.

Today, I was cleaning my room on account of how I will soon be back at university [yesssss] This included organizing the books/journals/photos next to my bed, starting to take down my two photo walls, and finally moving the Lego boxes back to their storage place; I had taken them out at Christmas, playing with them for literally hours at a time every night I was home.

As I picked up the last box from next to my keyboard, I found it. The picture of all pictures. It was just sitting there, almost completely covered up by the former printer paper box now filled w/ thousands and thousands of colored bricks. The top right corner was bent, sort of rolled up really, but the photo is completely fine otherwise. It now resides, once again, in my school Book of Mormon.

What a great day.

In other news, people I actually know in real life read this blog. I think. They at least follow it now. So, pretty much: HI SARA AND BECCA! I love you guys :)


Bex said...

i love you too anna dear!!

SJo said...

I also love you. Sorry I have been slacking in the blog world. I am back to stalking!

anna said...

Haha, you are the bomb Sara. I'm so glad I can count on you to creep