Saturday, July 17, 2010

Songs of My Life

Since starting my job at the creamery, in which I package cream cheese 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I sing a lot in my head on account of how there is no radio and I cannot listen to my iPod. Here is a list of all the songs I (remember) singing while at work over the past 2 months:

-California Dorks: Jason Munday
-Don't Unplug Me: ALL CAPS
-Summer of 09: ALL CAPS
-Dude: The Oceanic Six
-Good Morning Charlie: The Oceanic Six feat. Kristina Horner
-Hey Kristina: Luke Conard
-DFTBA: Hank Green & Michael Aranda
-You Should Know: Mike Lombardo
-My Hope: Molly Lewis
-Nerdfighterlike: Lauren Fairweather
-Light A Way: He Is We
-Make My Dreams: Hall & Oates
-Indigo: Tom Milsom
-Orientation: The Oceanic Six
-Daylight: Matt and Kim
-Giving Up: Ingrid Michaelson
-My name's Hayley, Dog: HayleyGHoover
-Lauren Raps: Lauren Fairweather
-Outisde World: Lauren Fairweather
-Guacamole Ukulele: Lauren Fairweather & Lena Gabrielle
-The List: Hank Green
-You Were: Julia Nunes
-I Think You Know: Julia Nunes
-A Song About Love: Charlie McDonnell
-Mrs. Nerimon: Kristina Horner
-Henry Gale: The Oceanic Six

That's not even close to a comprehensive list but you can clearly see that I am a huge nerd. Captain Obvious strikes again, eh? I hope you check out the links to songs you have not, and maybe have already, heard.

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