Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Near Miss

In an effort to increase my activity levels per yesterday's decision, I went longboarding this morning. There's a new subdivision near my house that has perfectly paved roads and very little traffic since lots of old people live in the condos that make up a lot of it. It was my first time boarding there and it was really nice. There were a few really small hills and plenty of room to pedal. Any incline on a longboard is kind of an intense one so it felt nice. At first I was apprehensive since my right ankle felt funny; even before I got to the subdivision it was sore. Once I got going though it was fine. The ride overall lasted 15 minutes or so and I wanted to go longer but at 10:30 in the morning it was already at least 80 and the humidity was rising quickly.

On my way back home I decided to ride in the street for a little bit. The road hadn't been busy and I planned to do it for less than a block since the sidewalk was kind of messed up. Right near the time when I was going to make my way back onto the sidewalk via someone's driveway I pedaled a bit more, but one of my feet needed to be re-positioned. As I did that, my other foot got caught on something. I sort of jumped off the board yet since it was still going full speed, it rammed right into my right ankle. Geez, it killed.

That's the closest I've been to wiping out yet. There is now a weird lump right above my ankle bone. Oh man, the things I do for fun & exercise.

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