Saturday, August 14, 2010

The best healing

Letters. Letters are the best healing. How do I know? I currently have 2 of them sitting in front of me. I haven't opened them yet as I had to blog about it first.

One is from Texas. The other is from Scotland. I'm really excited about the second one.

Anyway, I feel like crap on account of how my elbow is throbbing and I can't straighten it all the way. My knee is screwed up and swollen and I can't straighten that either.

This letter from Scotland is going to heal it, though. I can already tell.


I just read both letters. The Texas one was in Spanish, from my friend Tyler. It was nice to read Spanish again. It helps get me geared up for school.

The entire time I was reading my Scotland letter I just smiled and smiled. I didn't think about anything that was wrong. My knee didn't hurt, my elbow wasn't twitchy, my arms weren't sore. Happiness and laughter really do heal people. It's like in The Office when Michael says that Ryan's kindness healed his foot, but we found out he put extra-strength aspirin into Michael's pudding . . . But we're just going to pretend it was KINDNESS.

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