Saturday, October 23, 2010

Imagine me complexly

I have been on such a John Green kick as of late. Then again, when am I NOT on a John Green kick?

Last night was the date that wins me Chinese food. It was quite lovely and awesome. We made barbecue chicken pizza and ice cream. It was incredible in the "I'm so glad we became friends" way. Conversation was light and easy in the sense that it was seemingly effortless. It was never a stretch to move from topic to topic. And yet, it was anything but surface conversation. It felt genuine and fulfilling. It was pretty much like a night w/ my best friend from last year, making it one of few nights back at school this sophomore year where I truly and completely felt like I relaxed.

All in all: a splendid evening full of great conversation and even better food.

Life is good.

Things are settling down as much as is possible for a college student without an official major and without her closest friends to make life okay. Good thing the postal service exists.

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