Saturday, October 30, 2010

I took the gun. Thought it might come in handy.

Guess what. I just shot a bear!

Oh LOST, what a fantastic show. I've spent the last six days watching it and I'm just about to finish the episode "Homecoming". Charlie just shot Ethan. Gosh, Ethan sure was sketch.

And now onto Halloween! What if tonight I went as Charlie from LOST? That'd be cool, right? I could wear a dark zip-up hoodie, my slip-ons and a pair of dark jeans. Last night, I was a marathon runner. Being Charlie would be fun.

There's really no point this post whatsoever besides the fact that I wanted to look up awesome quotes from LOST. I forgot how hilarious the first season was. Good thing I decided to go back and watch the entire series once more.

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