Sunday, November 7, 2010


Instead of doing homework I'm sitting here at my desk listening to Mae and writing this blog post. Granted, I have looked up a few sources for my biology project. Here's what I wrote yesterday when the Internet wasn't working:

Last night, Alex came down from Idaho and we met up in Salt Lake City for the MAE concert. We went w/ Brad & his girlfriend and a bunch of Brad’s friends.

Wow. Just wow. It was incredible. It made me so happy to hear all the songs I’ve listened to for years now. It wasn’t as great as the BNL concert but it was also very different, much more intimate. Dave, the lead singer, has incredible stage presence and really knows how to connect with everyone in the crowd.

My favorite songs were played too: We’re So Far Away, Sun, Tisbury Lane and Fisherman.

Since it was their Goodbye, Goodnight Tour there was no way I couldn’t go. It was a wonderful concert. Everything about it was just perfect.

So, that is that . . . The new (E)vening CD is absolutely fantastic and lovely. I implore you: check out Mae. The only disappointing part is you won't be able to see them live unless you somehow get to a location they have not yet played. Even then I can't guarantee an experience like mine. It's okay though. You can live vicariously through me.

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