Sunday, November 28, 2010

8 months, 1 day

8 months and 1 day ago my life was changed. It sounds so incredibly strange to say that someone changed my life, that some moment did; it's cliche in the sense that there is no other way to really say it so you use the cliche even though you don't want to.

People come in and out of your life for various reasons. I 100% believe that you meet people at certain times for specific reasons. While March 27th wasn't the day I met someone, it's the day things changed. I got a whole new perspective on life. And I loved it.

Every month when the 27th comes up, I cannot help but think back to that night, to when things all changed. I suppose my life was changed the moment I met this person but up until that night there was no reason to think that. The final piece of the puzzle was put into place the night of March 27th.

To think one day, one hour almost, changed my life . . . It's incredible. The chain of events leading up to certain things are always important, always play a role in how things end up, but when it comes down to it, that night is when my life actually changed.

I look back now and still love the decisions we made. I regret nothing of it. The only thing I really miss about that night and the days following is that we can't be together now. That day of reunion will come eventually, and I'm sure we'll act like idiots and go on some crazy long walk to the park, or maybe to the library; we'll do some weird thing that's just about us. Who is to say that things will go back to how they were? We will be different people, yet there are some very central things that never will, despite all the differences. Well, things can never be the same; you can't go back to how things once were.

You definitely can move forward, though. And I sure am looking forward wholeheartedly to moving forward.

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