Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Should Know

. . . is a really great song by Mike Lombardo. In other news, here's some things I thought you would like to know about me, just for kicks and giggles:

- I don't eat the almonds out of trail mix. I currently have a Ziploc bag full of it and all I'm eating is the peanuts, cashews, raisins and M&Ms. And sometimes I don't even eat the raisins.

- I only wanted to write this blog post because I was watching HayleyGHoover videos instead of studying for three exams and writing two papers.

- Speaking of Hayley, often times I think she changed my life. Or at least helped change it. Or something like that. The way she addresses those of us that read her blog, now blogs, is incredible. I honestly feel like if I met Hayley out of the blue, we would have a completely awesome conversation about life. One time she even commented on the video I made about my 18th year of life. I was really excited. It was pretty much the best birthday present I got.

- I really like Twitter.

- Some days I think about writing a sports blog. And then I think about how hard it would be, so it gets put off to another day.

- I wear t-shirts every day not just because they're comfortable, and I'm self-conscious, but because they often express who I am and how I feel more than any words ever could.

- Make-up is kind of foreign to me. I wear it three times a week AT THE MOST. There are weeks when it never comes even close to my face, except for Burt's Bees. And that's lip balm so it doesn't even count.

- Talking about my emotions is not something I particularly enjoy, though I do like hearing about everyone else's. I enjoy story telling, though. If something exciting happens in my life, chances are I'll tell you about it because it makes me happy. I share my happiness with my friends in the hope that they'll become happy because I am happy; it always makes me happy when my friends are happy so I figure it goes both ways. It's nice to share happiness.

- On that same note, I might tell you something that's going on in my life but I tell you just enough so you think you know what's going on. It's usually not even the half of it.

And suddenly this post got kind of serious and emotional. Hmm, so uhh . . .

- I also think HayleyGHoover is super fantastically beautiful and hilarious.

- Oh, and I'm eating carrots right now.

Yep, those are some things you should know. Or maybe you didn't think you needed to know them but now you do. They're not even really things you should know. They're just kind of things about me that can be known.

[Oh, and just so we can throw in some more HayleyGHoover love: she's dating the aforementioned Mike Lombardo. Fancy that.]

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