Monday, November 15, 2010

Quintessential Weekend

I think I had mine, at least to some degree.

Friday night I went on a date, though that wasn't too quintessential. I am more than happy not t go on dates. However, what happened after the date was quite lovely. I read Harry Potter from about 11 PM until approximately 3:15 AM. It was glorious. It felt like I was reading it for the first time once again.

Saturday, the daytime itself, was not very exciting. I woke up at 11 AM, having stayed up until a supposedly horrid hour; 3 is nice, really. That evening, I went to the hot springs w/ two of my friends and boy oh boy: how great it was. This becomes quintessential in that it involved dressing warmly, meaning I got to put on a hat, and hiking. Just to get to the hot springs you hike 2.5 miles; it wasn't bad hiking, either. I am very particular about my hiking. I hate steep climbs and ones with not-so-great scenery. This hike was great. The trail was of the perfect gradient. Then we spent an hour or so just lounging around the hot springs, bonafide and natural hot tubs. Just enjoying the outdoors is something I have not done since I went camping over Labor Day weekend; strangely enough, the hot springs are located in the same forested/mountainous area to which I went camping.

Oh what a glorious weekend. Harry Potter and the outdoors.

Ever since coming to college, I have become much less inclined to read and hang out in the outdoors. Maybe less inclined isn't the right phrase. It's more like I have so many other things going on that are legitimately vital to my success as a college student that I can't exactly spend my time lollygagging around outside, or laying on the couch all day w/ Ben Folds blaring and a book in my hands. The opportunity to do both of these things was not something I could pass by. I'm not some crazy holistic person but I do believe that nature is something to be shared and experienced. I probably mention it every month or so how when I get married, my husband and I will totally go on awesome camping trips together.

So as you can see, I'm a pretty chill person. I love books and the outdoors. I could be so very happy just having those things in my life continuously.

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