Tuesday, November 9, 2010


That's a fun word. I really like words. I love being able to articulate myself in a particular way with certain words; connotations and definitions are glorious things. Eloquence isn't necessary so much as articulation is. I like being with people who can articulate their ideas and feelings in interesting ways. Even more than that, I like being with people who listen to me when I decide to be articulate in certain ways. I talk in a strange way, or so I think. People probably get tired of my philosophizing.

Since I like words and writing, I always thought that one day I would try my hand at songwriting. It's sort of like poetry, and though I don't exactly have a lot of experience being a poet, I really think I could do it. Over the summer I thought about writing a song to illustrate freshman year of college; yeah, this is pretty cliche in reality. Even more specific, I thought about writing a song about the last month or so of freshman year; this happens to be even more cliche than the previous idea. Those of you who know the story will probably think I'm crazy. [If you go back to the post where I first talked about He Is We and their song "Light A Way" you'll get the picture]

Lyrics can be an incredible window into someone's life and experiences. Or they can just be downright horrible. Do you listen to popular songs? Yeah, so many of them are horrible. One of my favorite videos of Alex Day is the one where he goes through the lyrics of a Jason DeRulo song. I posted just a day or so ago about the band Mae. Now there's a band with some great wordplay; well, maybe it's not wordplay so much as great words put together to form great ideas. That combined with some nice piano makes all the difference.

It's been about 10 minutes since I first started this post. I got distracted by some great lyrics. I'm not even kidding. I have about an hour until my next class. I should probably do some studying. I just keep wanting to write, though. I'm not even doing NaNoWriMo, nor should I lest I want to fail my upcoming exams etc.

It was only in late October that I actually wrote a few things I truly love and am glad I wrote. I haven't felt that in a long time. They're very personal things, rooted so deeply in my own relationships that I don't think they're the kind of things I would ever feel comfortable sharing. A lot of it is because I just wrote them. Whenever I write something, I never want to tell people about it until much later. It's almost like the experience is so fresh that to tell others about it would hurt me. There just some things I can't share; I need to experience them on my own. One of the pieces I wrote would probably be loved by a lot of my friends here at school. Maybe someday I will share it with them.