Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday night's all right

I had the opportunity to do a few things tonight: rock climb, dance, learn some new ukulele songs. And I chose to sit in my apartment alone talking on Skype with one of my best friends. I even got her Netflix password so as to be able to watch Firefly and LOST on instant play. Could life get any better?

Friday nights are nothing special to me besides the fact that I can sleep in on Saturdays even later than usual and I get to watch lots and lots of sports, especially college basketball. I don’t go out on dates; I don’t go out to party. I just . . . do stuff. Whatever kind of stuff I want.

Tonight that means the series finale of LOST. I even made a mango, pineapple, strawberry, and raspberry smoothie.

Have I ever mentioned my lack of crying in life? Well, here’s the deal: I don’t cry a lot. This show made me cry, more than twice but probably not more than four times. The series finale, both times I watched it, made me outright cry. In the past year the number of movies/books/TV shows I have cried about can be counted on one hand: LOST, Mockingjay, Deathly Hallows (re-reading the book & seeing Part I), Toy Story 3. I pick some pretty good things to cry in, if I do say so myself.

I suppose other people do normal things with their Friday nights. Defining normal is clearly up for debate, though I’m quite certain normal does not include sitting alone in your apartment and being completely happy with the situation at hand.

This is where I leave you, at least for now. LOST calls for my undivided attention.

But to resurrect an old favorite activity . . .

Current t-shirt: JJ Hardy Brewers layered underneath reversible Under Armour

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