Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo life story

Along the side of my blog there are some pictures. I was inspired to put them there by my friend Becca. They're just a few things to remind me of what's important in life and what I love in life. And I guess they're there for your enjoyment as well. I thought I might as well explain in a little more detail what they're all about.

LAKE LOVE: This was taken in August of 2008 at Lake Michigan. The water was surprisingly warm for August though it was super windy. I've probably stood in that exact spot at least 10 times growing up. Lake Michigan is one of my favorite places, especially in the summer.

PHILOSOPHIZERS: I know the exact date this one was taken: April 10th, 2010. It was the day of my freshman ward's farewell party/last hurrah. Sara and I were random roommates. It could not have been a better combination. Our days, and nights, were filled with laughter and love. Many a time we stayed up far too long talking, just waxing philosophical on life. I will never forget those times. And she even introduced me to my best friend, so I love her for that too.

TRANSPORTATION: My longboard is made of win and love. Almost exactly a year ago I started longboarding. Literally almost a year ago. My roommate Brooke got one and at first ride I was so in love with it. Once I got home I started saving my money and by late May I had one of my own.

NOT INCLINED TO RESIGN TO MATURITY: One of my very first nights back in Wisconsin I reunited with my lovely friend Margaret who was currently a senior in high school and soon-to-be freshman at my same university. We went to Target, as we are prone to do. We decided to sit in the big tote bins. It was quality.

PROFESSIONAL FIGURE SKATERS: Lorraine is another one of my roommates from freshman year who turned into a sophomore year roommate and who will be a junior year roommate as well. She took 2 ice skating classes freshman year. I've always loved skating and with Lorraine it was even better since she taught me how to skate backwards, hockey stop, and do this cool switching directions thing. This picture is from one of our many skating adventures of the year.

M&A: The aforementioned Margaret joins me in this picture. Good ol' Cougar football games were even better with her by my side. I've known her since I was about 4 or 5 years old. We're kind of big deal.

DREAM TEAM: And this is the best friend my roommate Sara introduced me to. I love him more than a brother but not quite like a significant other. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he makes me feel safe. Matthew has done everything I've ever asked him for/about. He is my best friend for many reasons.

LAKE LOVE TAKE II: Once again the scene is Lake Michigan, but this time it's a completely different beach. On another one of my first days back my friend Megan and I hit up the beach w/ her dog, Buddy. The sun was going down but that made hiking down to the lake all the more fun.

TEAM LIAM NEESON: This photo was also taken on April 10th, 2010. This is Jordan. He made my freshman year something completely different than I ever thought it would be. We turned each other's lives upside down for a bit, in the best way possible of course. Thanks to Liam Neeson and a little movie called Taken we really got to know each other. He's kind of really amazing and never ceases to make me laugh.

THEN: My brother, Alex, and I. What more is there to say?

NOW: Here's another picture from April 2010. Alex had recently returned from South Africa so we spent a lot of time together. This is kind of all there is to us.

MORE NOW: Alex came down to Salt Lake City for the MAE concert in November. It was one of the most amazing nights ever. He's a pretty cool brother.

TWIN SHADES: Mikaela is a girl/woman I knew all throughout freshman year but it wasn't until the last month or so that we really became tight. The summer between freshman and sophomore year solidified us even more. We had a little 68th ward picnic in the fall before a football game, that's what this is from. Mikaela and I hang out almost once a week and sometimes more. Without her basketball games would have been a little less fantastic.

LONGBOARD LOVE WITH BEX: Bex is Becca, aka the girl/woman who inspired me to put those pictures on the side in the first place. I got her into longboarding this year. She's in love with it just as much as I am. One Sunday is was practically 60 degrees so of course we had to go out and explore the urban forest of suburbia.

PREFERRED FOOTWEAR: My Birkenstocks, oh my lovely Birkenstocks. I took this picture the same night of LAKE LOVE TAKE II. I could not live without them.

ARCHES: The three day weekend for President's Day turned into epicness when my friend Marie invited me to Moab and Arches National Park. It was perhaps the best day ever. Seriously. It was incredible. If you ever get a chance to hit up Arches, DO IT. You'll see some crazy stuff.

CATCH UP WITH YOU LATER GUYS: This is Hailey and me. We're roommates now. Random roommates. We're pretty different but that's okay. We bond over things like She's the Man. This is us at the ward Christmas party at the top of the Zion's Bank building in Salt Lake City. It shows our true personalities: Hailey is pretty and always looks nice. I am ridiculous and do weird things.

WE'RE SO FAR AWAY: That's the name of my favorite song by MAE. That concert was amazing. Not quite as good as the Barenaked Ladies concert at Summerfest but still pretty dang good. MAE was my first ever real favorite band so seeing them in concert when they'll never be touring again made my life.

So that is all for now. That's my life in pictures. At least a little slice of it. I hope you've enjoyed.

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Bex said...

LOVE it :) and i'm so glad i inspired it. also--it looks like you're wearing the same exact shirt in the THEN and NOW pictures. hahaha