Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hitting the books and Jim Halpert

What with today being the first of two reading days, aka days in which we just study all the time in the hopes of doing well on our finals, it was time for me to really bust out my DVDs of The Office. For literally years now I have studied while watching the lovely Jim Halpert and his friends. I did really well in high school and in college thus far so I like to think it's what really helps me. I believe I've gone through about six or eight episodes thus far. Maybe nine or ten. Who's really counting?

This morning I finished my American Christianity study guide and I've already gone through a bunch of stuff for my natural hazards class. I've yet to start on my history material but that exam is on Wednesday, the last one of the three I'll be taking so tomorrow will probably be most dedicated to that.

This blog is kind of my official break for studying. I'm trying to get a lot done so tonight when I go to the tumbling gym I don't have to feel guilty. One of my closest friends is getting married this summer so this will probably be our last big hang out before that happens. I'm stoked, to tumble and to see her get married.

I keep trying to think of other things to include in this post so as to prolong the inevitable return to my study guides and textbooks but I don't have much else to say.

Except that I love Jim Halpert.

Last YouTube video I watched: Hott Butt in Costco

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