Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Liveblogging from class

I've done a lot of things in class before: finished crossword puzzles, played Words with Friends, gotten 3 stars on many levels of Angry Birds, tweeted, perused Tumblr, subscribed to new people on YouTube, chatted on Skype and Gmail.

This is the first time I've ever blogged in class, though. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm currently waiting for the official start of my Principles of Journalism class; sounds fancy, eh? My professor is hilarious. He really knows his stuff. That being said, we've spent the whole semester listening to group presentations and that can get a little old. They've actually been really awesome presentations but stuff begins to wear on me, especially when people start talking about social media and are pretty much explaining to me what it does. Cue me tuning out.

So I'm not in the journalism program yet but I sure hope to be. I'll be applying in the fall and that freaks me out. It's quite daunting to think that this is my last prerequisite class before applying. I was kind of under the impression that I'd be stuck in prerequisite world forever. Now that I won't be I don't exactly know what to do, except for apply to the program, though that's a little fuzzy to me.

A little caveat now: We just found out our final exam is an essay that's due before exam week even starts. This is going to be great because if there are two things I love, they are not having a real exam and writing instead of test taking.

And now we found out that we get 10 points extra credit for completing the professor evaluations. Good thing I've already done that.

All right, time to actually start listening since class has legitimately started.

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