Friday, April 8, 2011

Typical Friday

I know what all of you are thinking, "Anna, why are you not gallivanting around with your various acquaintances and comrades on this lovely Friday night? Aren't you a college student? Don't you do FUN THINGS?!"

The answer to that is . . . uh, well, not really. (Not really to the doing fun things part. I am indeed a college student.) The thing is, I would say the majority of my Friday nights are spent doing homework of some kind, at least until around nine, sometimes ten, o'clock. I've been working on my 5-7 page Spanish paper for quite some time now and it's coming along quite well, or so I think. I didn't start it today but I have managed to write enough that I pretty much have one page to go.

Don't get me wrong, I do go out on Friday nights but for the most part I really do just bum around my apartment. Friday nights are honestly the only times I can be here alone and I love that at times. In the past few weeks I've definitely turned down people asking me to hang out just so I could lounge around by my lonesome. Other weeks my roommates are all busy doing other things that just aren't conducive to bringing other people along/hanging out w/ others in general. You could almost say that I have a secret talent of enjoying alone time. I don't often complain about not having things to do on Fridays; if I am complaining about it, chances are I'm not actually that concerned and I'm mostly joking. Sure, there are times I wish I had better guy friends but that's where the line is drawn. I honestly don't feel the need to have that many extra friends that are girls. Some of it comes down to the fact that I already have lots of girl friends from last year and now that all my boys are gone for two years on their missions I feel the need to fill that gap.

One of my favorite Fridays I spent alone was devoted to playing my ukulele. I tuned it up all nice and started learning a song by Noah & the Whale. I don't remember the chords now but that night was ultra relaxing. (When's the last time you heard/read someone use the world ultra, eh?)

And now I must get back to writing my Spanish paper! I actually am going out later tonight w/ one of my roommates: we're going to see The King's Speech. We're both really excited about it.

The last video I watched on YouTube: GAY SKYDIVING?! - jeffrey. stalker friendly.

And oh my gosh, you guys! Yesterday I posted this video on YouTube in response to my FRIEND, Matt. (YEAH, BECCA, HE'S MY FRIEND. FROM THE INTERNET!) He retweeted one of my tweets and tweeted about it specifically so that made me feel really happy and cool. I even got two new subscribers! The last time I got a new subscriber was . . . I have no idea when because it's so rare that the last time it happened was a really long time ago. The video has 40-something views at this point and it's barely been a day. I know that doesn't sound that impressive but to me it's HUGE. I'm lucky to get 40 views over a month. And that would be a really lucky month. Scratch that, it's at 50 views. I just checked so I could get the URL to it. Feel free to watch my response. I'm quite fond of the Internet.

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