Thursday, April 7, 2011

In it to win it

Yeah, that's right. I'm feeling hardcore about blogging again. (Take that, Becca!) I will be blogging every day. Guaranteed. I figure now is a good time to explain that while I'm road tripping back home I might not have Internet for a few days, so even if I don't post anything by the end of those actual days, know that I have stuff written down in a journal from the specific day that will be posted to make up for it.

It was a pretty good day to say the least. I got free Hawaiian pizza and an apple. I had lunch w/ my fandom friend Hannah at which time she tried to convince me to go to LeakyCon. (It's a decision that's been killing me, though in the end I don't think I'll be able to make it happen.) I had my last Spanish class of the semester and I got a 93 on the test we took and corrected; class even ended early. Even with class ending early, it still took me until about 3:30 to finish my big geography project that's due tomorrow. We got to use this cool program call ArcMap that's basically a geography nerd's dream. When I got back to my apartment I decided to eat some German chocolate crunch ice cream; it was awesome.

And now here I am, bloggin' it up. I've watched a few videos while writing this, all by the lovely Matthew, aka booshoe37, who I am pretty much in "YouTube love" with, meaning I have to watch all his videos and sometimes we talk in comments and I tweet about stuff he does and sometimes he responds. It's a great relationship. (Honestly though, I like to think that Matt and I would be friends in real life.)

Can you guys even believe that we're already a week into BEDA? I've blogged seven days in a row! It feels great. Disregard last night's lameness.

And one last thing for today: I know I wrote an entire post about my birthday but I never showed you guys this epic video that explains how great the night REALLY was. Enjoy.

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Bex said...

lets just say i have the "nights that always come" come more frequently than you do. :)

ALSO: i took that video. :)