Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seclusion and Fathers' Day

My dad and I went fishing yesterday (Saturday) as part of Fathers' Day weekend goodness. Ever since I was a kid my dad, my brother and I would head down to the creek right by our house, or go to a pond on the other side of town, or maybe venture off to a small lake nearby. The three of us are pretty outdoorsy and even though we never went camping as a family, I know I got my love of everything nature from my pops.

If you follow the drive-thru pathway at this bank, on the righthand side there's a concrete "path" that leads down an embankment to the creek. I put path in quotes because it's at a pretty steep angle and not really a path at all. My dad thinks it's for water runoff when it rains. Once you get down it, you're walking on slightly damp and muddy rocks that are there completely naturally; no one went down there to put these stepping stones. You walk a little bit, maybe ten or so feet, and you're at this small inlet, almost like a miniature bay, at which time you put your stuff on the rocks, in our case a tackle box and fishing rods, and get ready to wade in the water. It never got super deep, at least where we went, but it does in some places. A few times I had to undo a snagged line or lure: that's when it got deepest though even then it was maybe to my waist, if that.

The water was cool but not cold. The sun was shining down but not beating. All in all, a very perfect scene. You're right in the middle of the city but you would have no idea if you hadn't just walked down an asphalt driveway to get there. The rushing water makes it so you can't hear any cars, even though you're super close to a busy road/bridge. This kind of seclusion is amazing. I love it. I found my new favorite place. It's beautiful and relaxing in the best ways.

My dad and I are pretty close, I guess. He knows me super well. When it's time to send me packages while I'm at school, it's always my dad who remembers the weirdest little things that I would appreciate. This past March we talked for hours on the phone while I filled out my brackets. He takes the time to still do that stuff w/ me. I always consulted him before I made any changes to it. If I'm ever doing something related to sports or cooking, he's the first one I call.

So yeah, I hope you've all had a lovely Fathers' Day weekend.

Last YouTube video I watched: I'm your daddy


Bex said...

okay. i need a place like that here, PLEASE.

Mckenna said...

Pretty!! I love that, sometimes you just have to get out of the concrete :)