Monday, August 29, 2011

First day of classes

Things went well today. I had 4 classes. Italian was the most exciting one. We are going to speak all Italian all the time. Lorraine has been helping me w/ pronunciations since she went to Italy on her fantastical little trip to Europe this past summer. Mostly it's just us using ridiculous Italian accents as if we're the Mario Brothers. Best class ever.

And I found out today I'm for sure going to be on an intramural soccer team. I'm buying my own cleats this year too, which is very exciting. They're all red. And only 25 dollars! Niceee.

I figure this should be a big day for blogging what w/ all these classes starting but I am feeling very tired and not into blogging. I just want to watch YouTube all night and be a bum. For like 2 hours I hung out w/ all these people who live on my block. We had pizza and homemade root beer, basically the typical Mormon party. It was still awesome.

Last YouTube video I watched: Planking Alaska

I promise a legit post tomorrow, what with it being the last day in September. Expect something magical.

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