Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blogging every day comes to an end

This was a very interesting August in terms of blogging. I had no trouble blogging every day but still some of the posts suffered; that's putting it lightly. I guess I kind of chilled out about it and didn't worry if every single post was exciting or thought provoking. Some of them really were just a quick rundown of the particular day. With school now started it will probably be better for me not to have to worry about blogging every day. It's been such a relaxing month that to take a few minutes out to write hasn't meant anything big was sacrificed.

Today I had 3 classes: a religion one, Italian (which is every day), and tennis. My religion class is taught by the same professor from whom I had American Christianity. And in tennis we didn't even play, just got our little syllabus. I'm excited for that class since a girl from my old apartment complex is in it! We're planning a double date where we play tennis since a requirement of the class is to play 4 sets outside of class, 2 singles and 2 doubles. It's going to be a great thing.

The end of every month seems like a good time to go through a little reflection period, except at this point I do not have much upon which I can reflect. I'm just thoroughly excited for this new year, junior year. I'm an upperclassman which is incredible in and of itself. I've basically done more college at this point than I have left, something with which I am not sure I am okay. Then again, once junior year officially ends . . . Well, in that case I'll be about a month away from having one of my best friends back in my life. In that sense, I am dying for this year to already be over. The biggest thing at the moment, which I have mentioned previously, is my application to the journalism program. I was freaking out over it a couple days ago but at this point I'm feeling quite calm about it all. Once I finish writing this I'm going to work on one of the essays while watching Parks and Recreation. The way I plan to remain so calm is to keep the whole process low key: I'm taking it one day at a time, one step at a time, not worrying about the thing as a whole but rather each part of it. It's working marvelously at this time.

Thanks for reading, my friends. I hope you've enjoyed this August.

Last YouTube video I watched: ORANGE & SOY CHICKEN RECIPE ft BrettTheIntern

Edit: Might I also mention that I have over 190 posts? And that I'm only 7 posts away from 200? It seems like it was only the other day when I got to 100. This blogging thing sure is awesome. And the last official day of BEDA is tomorrow so that's one more! I figured I'd do a nice reflection post today and tomorrow I can blog about rando crap.

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