Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BEDA ends (again)

Good-bye, August. Hello, September.

School is coming along nicely. I have a varying amount of homework thus far but I haven't had any trouble getting things done and have already gotten ahead on things as well. I'm sure Friday I'll work super hard to get literally everything done I can so my three day weekend can be as awesome as possible.

The most important event of today was probably starting to study for my entrance exam. It's basically going to test my knowledge and aptitude of journalism. I have a few issues w/ this exam, the biggest one being that it will supposedly test us on current events and how government works. Civics, one might say. Here's the thing: I don't ever plan to write on those kind of current events. Ever. To me it seems like an absolute waste of time. You may think I am ridiculous to say "never ever" but that is 100% how I feel about it. Civics and government, while important, hold my interest for very short amounts of time, times which are in no way long enough to get me to write about such things. We'll see how that goes.

Today I've been in a major YouTube music phase. I've been listening to Greg Holden, Julia Nunes, Nice Peter, Chameleon Circuit, Tom Milsom, and Hank Green all day. There are just so many wonderful musicians on YouTube. I wish I could mention them all.

Another exciting thing that happened today was that I wore my booshoe37 t-shirt and got lots of compliments on it! It made me feel really special and really excited to be friends w/ Matthew. I told all of them to look him up on YouTube. I really hope they do. That'd be awesome.

Last YouTube video I watched: How to Become An Adult

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Jessie said...

I agree, there are way too many great YouTube musicians to list.