Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The US Postal Service

There's much talk of the USPS shutting down because they have no cash money.

Um, what? Of all governmental organizations, the POSTAL SERVICE is going to die out?

Besides all the rational and business reasons why this is horrible, I need the postal service. Hand written letters are my only source of communication with some choice young men. If I can't send or receive mail, that really puts a damper on my social life.

I'm being a tad dramatic because the postal service isn't going to COMPLETELY stop working but lots of people are going to lose their jobs, plenty of post offices will be closing, and Saturday delivery is going to stop.

It already takes long enough for letters to get to and from places, so this whole situation really isn't helping.

In other news, I have come dangerously close to finishing my journalism application. Literally the only things left to do are double space an essay and print it out, and I have to take an entrance exam. I'm taking the exam tomorrow. It's going to cost me $2. They make you pay to take their test, which in theory could prevent you from giving them more money so you can be in their program. I feel like that's a little unfair but right now I'd rather be in the freakin' journalism program than make a fuss about two dollars.

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Becca said...

the postal service!? that would be awful.