Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trip to Tennessee Part I

I'm currently chilling in the airport, playing Angry Birds and using Instagram. Hopefully this actually gets posted on Saturday. Blogging (almost) every day in August has been quite enjoyable thus far. I'm lucky that I've had such fun things come my way as of late, namely the wedding I'm about go to and getting ready to go back to Utah for school.

I feel as if I'm part of some awesome club, what with me typing this all on my iPod Touch. People around me probably think I'm texting like crazy but in fact I'm blogging. The whole concept of me blogging from my Touch, which does not have a name though it should, is quite baffling. Barely over a year ago I didn't have a nice laptop or a fancy touch screen iPod. Now I can't really imagine living without such things. Obviously I can but as far as every day things are concerned, I need my MacBook, which I have christened Rory Williams. You'll probably have to Google him. (Side note: Macbook just auto corrected to MacBook. Oh Steve Jobs... Speaking of auto correct, Becca, we haven't read that site in recent weeks. That's a problem.)

That was quite a long side note. Blame my bff Jordan, Scottish missionary extraordinaire, for that. He's gotten me into writing long tangents like that. That's how it goes when your only form of communication is hand-written letters. It's an art that I absolutely love, letter writing is. I'm currently in waiting mode; a letter should be arriving any day now, and I just hope it's not today since I'll have to wait all freakin' weekend to read it.

Well, that's all I have for you fine people. Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Expect a Tennessee and weekend recap Sunday night!

Last YouTube video I watched: Whatever the last Shaytards video was. (And oh my gosh! Steve Jobs just predicted I was going to write Shaytards. I guess he's a fan.)