Sunday, August 14, 2011

Packing it all in

In less than a week I start the return journey to Utah. That makes this week the time in which I must pack away my life once again. Today it is in the form of sorting clothes I want to bring, all the while trying to watch Doctor Who on Netflix except the video keeps freezing at this one point even though the audio continues on. I actually wrote a post, probably almost exactly a year ago, all about packing.

So as I gather my belongings from throughout my marvelous orange room and my house, I also begin to pack other things: mostly adventures. My last day of work is Tuesday, which leaves me with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to do whatever else I have left to do by way of having fun w/ my Wisconsin peoples. I've made plans for Wednesday and Thursday thus far and I'm sure Friday will fill itself up quite nicely as well.

The biggest challenge in packing in adventures is time. There never seems to be enough of it. Everyone has conflicting schedules so determining when I can do what with whom is frustrating. It all works out in the end but it would be so much easier if time could just be frozen the way I need it to be so I could see everyone I wanted to see and do everything I wanted to do when I wanted to see them and do those things.

I best be getting back to my actual packing of belongings now. I somehow acquire more clothes each and every year. It will be quite interesting to see how I fit everything in the way it needs to be.

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