Monday, August 15, 2011

I got a package!

And before you lot get all excited: No, it was not from Scotland like the previous package was. (Though I was hoping for a letter today, this kind of makes up for it.)

Instead, I got a little something special from my friend Matt. No, not my best friend Matthew from freshman year. This is BooShoe37 Matt. He designed t-shirts and I ordered one! It came today, along with a Harry Potter silly band. And a cute little note!

Becca already thinks I'm crazy but watch the video of me opening the package and tell me Matt and I aren't real friends. You can't fake excitement like that.

Last YouTube video I watched: Blue Skies - Bar on A (Greg Holden)


Becca said...

hahaha i finally watched the video!! its definitely a lion. ahahah

Becca said...

also: its still not real friends friends.