Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New glasses & no more work

A few months back when I was visiting my friends at the University of Wisconsin, I bought these epic frames from Urban Outfitters. Yep, the big nerdy kind. Except I had no intention of keeping the plastic lenses inside. Nope. They are now my actual glasses. I have big, black, nerdy glasses. And it is the best thing ever.

Here's a picture from when I first bought them. They still look the same now, I promise.

Yeah, you're all super jealous, I know.

And today was also my last day of work! No more cream cheese packaging! Hooray! I'm pretty ecstatic to be done. A few people I will miss, like my buddy Sam who was another summer help kid; she goes to UW-Oshkosh. There are some awesome full-time people I'll miss talking to on account of how they are hilarious. I'm glad to be done w/ the actual work part for sure. Now it's time to work without getting paid because that's basically what college is.

Last YouTube video I watched: Man Falls From Huge Tree

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