Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Video blogging

I decided tonight I would outline my plan for making videos this coming fall semester. I'm quite excited to get back on a posting schedule, even if it's just a rando little vlog about my week.

I probably don't take video making as seriously as I could but when it comes to school, it really is a time for me to have fun w/ my camera and talk about small parts of my life. YouTube is a pretty impersonal thing for me. I may talk about what's going on in my life but there aren't any "guest stars" and I don't really even film the events themselves; I just recap them. I've gone through 2 years of college without my roommates really knowing about my videos. I don't really know why I have never told them. Freshman year it was just a lot of pressure. Sophomore year I probably could have. I think this year I'll be pretty outspoken about it. Having guests is a good thing, right? I know my roommates will think I'm a little crazy but if they haven't figured that out already they never will.

A few of my roommates, current and past, follow this blog so I guess the cat is out of the bag: I make videos on YouTube. Here, go check out my channel: orangesho13es. Yes, it is a take off my favorite orange sneakers, though the channel existed much before I owned the actual orange shoes. I'm not looking for fame or fortune, both of which can come in some sense from posting videos. I mean, have you HEARD of Shaycarl or Michael Buckley? Those guys are doing pretty well off YouTube. That's not what I'm going for, though. My thing is just having fun and making friends, plain and simple. Becca thinks I'm crazy for making friends on YouTube but it's a reality to me. It's inevitable in posting videos.

Now, I only have 40 subscribers but that matters very little to me. I love watching my own videos, which may seem weird or even narcissistic but it's true. I like to see my own growth and progress, both as a person and as someone who makes videos. Having so few subscribers does make it difficult at times because it's kind of like I have no one to be accountable to. No one notices when you don't make a video. I've come to realize that this is the worst part of it. It's nice when people notice you, even in the form of liking a video. But for some reason I keep doing it: I keep making videos and looking for ways to have fun doing so.

As for my actual posting schedule: I'm going for posting one video per week. There won't be any set day like so many YouTubers have. I'll post when I can somewhere between Sunday and Saturday. Last year I only missed 2 weeks out of the entire fall and winter semesters. That's pretty good if you ask me. So one video every week. Sound good? Last year it was all about my iSight camera because it was convenient. This year I'm striving for more public videos. Maybe actual recaps of events I go to w/ footage from those events. Dare I even vlog in public? We'll see how it goes.

Last YouTube video I watched: Kitchen: Impossible

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