Thursday, August 11, 2011


She's a cool kid. Here's a picture of her.

She's a keeper, I know.

So this Becca character: she has a blog. Go read it. It's funny. She's about to hit up DisneyWorld for a semester and all her great adventures will be documented there. Sometimes she even mentions me in her blog, so double bonus right there.

What can I say about Becca? I think one of my greatest accomplishments within our friendship was getting her into longboarding. Here is a picture of Becca longboarding.

Whoa, that turned out to be a really big picture. No matter. She looks good, eh? Since Becca is going to be in Florida all fall semester, we won't be able to longboard together until winter semester is practically over on account of how it gets cold in Utah in the winter. Fancy that. We won't get to watch Bones together, either. That's a big deal seeing how she's one of the people that really got me into it. And we can't watch Up together and cry at all the sad parts. Because very few movies make me cry, lots of movies make Becca cry, but Up is one of those that really gets to me.

I could write pages on Becca but I don't think that will be necessary. All I have to say is that one time she ran a red light on the way to the Provo temple. That's a religious place, guys. A place where God is really important. And she broke the law getting there. Tsk tsk, Becca.

If you have any other questions about Becca, I'll be happy to share my wealth of knowledge with you.

Last YouTube video I watched: Evolution of Games

Edit: You may have noticed the pictures on the side of my blog changing. I figured an update was in order. I hope you enjoy the new ones! I had quite a good time picking them out to share.

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Becca said...

YES!!! i love this. i especially love that one of the labels is best friends. i love youu!! & i will miss you in disneyworld. so so much. we will be reunited in january, have no fear!