Saturday, September 17, 2011

On the art of cooking

I have a thing for cooking. Not baking. Cooking.

Cakes, cookies, brownies . . . Those do not appeal to me in the slightest. I love eating them, of course. I just don't like making them myself.

Chicken parmesan, manicotti, Sunday gravy, stir-fry, parmesan rice and chicken, beef stew . . . Those are dishes I am a fan of, dishes I've made by myself and with my family. My parents instilled in my brother and in myself a love for food that extends beyond just eating. I don't think they did it intentionally; if anything, they did it completely by example. In the last five years this has become especially true. We always had great dinners when I was growing up but in these five years it's become a big deal to get new cookware and try out all these new dishes. It's gotten to the point where I legitimately love going to buy new pots and pans and fancy cooking utensils.

To illustrate this point I have a story. One time during my freshman year, I had gone to the mall w/ two of my roommates. While looking around PacSun, I got a call from my dad saying he'd bought me something. But there was a catch. I would not get said item until I was married and had a house of my own, and up until that point he and my mom would be using it. What was this mystery object? A Dutch oven. I have always loved Dutch oven cooking, especially while camping. The Dutch oven he bought though was a super nice one specifically for kitchens.

This is what it looks like.
So you can probably tell where I got my love of all things cookware.

My brother and I were never too picky about what we ate, or maybe my parents just made lots of food they knew we'd like, but I feel like my mom and dad make the coolest things now. One of my favorite parts of coming home for Christmas and for the summer is seeing/tasting/eating the new recipes and foods my parents have found and made. If my dad finds a new dish that's especially good, he'll even call to recommend it to me.

The problem with being a college student who likes cooking is time. There are so many nights where I want to make something a little more involved but due to tiredness and not really having the time . . . Involved meals only seem to happen on Saturday and Sunday nights. And today I bought the ingredients for one such meal: baked manicotti. Yesterday night I wanted to make a little something special but due to tiredness and not having all the things I needed that did not happen. Luckily, after my soccer game, I went shopping and picked up everything that makes this delicious Italian dish.

I only have one question: Do I invite over a lovely group of friends or do I keep this deliciousness all to myself? Decisions, decisions.

Last YouTube video I watched: Swings (I don't really know how many of you ever watch the videos I've most recently seen but this one really is spectacular.)


Jessie said...

I don't have the patience to cook or bake, I have to be in the mood to really want to do either activity. Plus, I love simplicity of putting together meals that require not much time.

I watched your linked YouTube video, it is indeed spectacular, and I shared it through my Twitter and Facebook, I enjoyed watching it.

anna said...

You should totes check out the Sorted guys on YouTube. They show you how to make quick and easy meals that are also delicious. Plus, you can't go wrong watching a cooking show hosted by good-looking British men.