Monday, October 10, 2011

I am not a failure

Today I found out that my collegiate life does indeed have purpose. The last 2 years, now almost 2 1/2, have not been a waste.

I am officially a student in the Journalism program at Brigham Young University.

This is pretty insane to think about, even now, hours after I opened my letter. Seeing the word "congratulations" was probably one of the greatest moments ever.

Everything I've done in college before now has been in an effort to reach this point. I have just accomplished a major goal. And it feels so good. It makes my final goal of actually writing about sports for a living that much more real and reachable. This is my future now: journalism. I will be graduating with a degree in communications. It's a wonderful thought.

Now that I'm in the program, and that little event is off the list of things I need to do, the next logical priority is to get married.


This post in no way reflects how truly stoked I was to be able to call a bunch of my friends and tell them the news. I wish it could. Expect other posts in the near future detailing those calls and text messages.

And hey, if you guys could fill out this survey for my advertising class, that'd be fan-freaking-tastic: Converse All-Stars (Yes, it's about sneakers.)

Last YouTube video I watched: I hate your guitar!


SJ said...

Did we ever really doubt it? :) P.S. You are really cool.

Jessie said...

Congratulations! I'm glad that things worked out in favor for you. Also, I did your survey...even though I prefer being barefoot 99% of the time. :P

KATIE said...

ANNA I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Next time we cross paths on campus expect a huge congratulatory hug or fist bump or something. You're the coolest!

Becca said...

of course!