Monday, October 31, 2011

October Sunshine

This past weekend I had the wonderful privilege of traveling to Boise, Idaho. I'd been to Idaho previously but that was over Thanksgiving last year, which in Idaho was somewhat like the dead of winter. This trip was quite different.

A friend from freshman year invited me to go with her and her friend who is from Boise, Dustin. He was returning home under the pretense of seeing two of his friends who just got back from their 2 year missions. But all of us knew the real reason was to go water skiing & wakeboarding. How many chances do you get to go boating on Halloween weekend? Answer: Probably almost never. So on Friday we embarked on our six hour road trip. Granted, it was weird being away from friends I had previously seen practically every day since the start of school, it was a nice little get-away, even if it was to Idaho.

The weather was awesome in Boise, though. It was in the low 60s but there was absolutely no wind and the water was fantastically calm. It was a beautiful Saturday. I've only ever been wakeboarding one other time in my life, last year on October 1st, so I easily forgot how wonderful it is. I've done a little (read: hardly any) snowboarding but I love longboarding quite a bit so wakeboarding is right up my alley. I am by no means legitimately good at wakeboarding but I can at least go in and out of the wake on both sides and not wipe out all that often. My friend Katie had never been before but she was awesome at it. She got up on her first try! She's super legit.

We spent quite a few hours out on the water and once we got back we had a delicious dinner, the best part of which was the sweet potato fries! I could go on forever about all the amazing food we had during our stay in Idaho. To say the least, we were fed quite well. We spent a while doing homework and eating lots of warm cookies and milk, but later that night we went out w/ Dustin and his friends off-roading. That was quite fun indeed. We basically drove up a very large hill/mountain in the dark. At the top we had an incredible view of the city. The tranquility of a city from so far away, and from so high up, is very interesting. It was quite peaceful, so very quiet, but it was quiet in the best way. And I can't forget to mention the stars! I sure do love star gazing and it's always great when you can actually see that the Milky Way is a legitimate part of astronomy and space and the universe and not just a candy bar. Once we decided to head back down the mountain, our next stop was at the house of another one of Dustin's friends, at which time we got homemade donuts, which of course were incredibly tasty.

So those were the adventures of the weekend. Sunday afternoon we drove back to Utah after a quite full morning and afternoon of church. And, of course, we had more amazing food before getting back on the road. Late lunch/early dinner was tacos and warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. There's something fantastic about having real food in a real house for a weekend. One of my favorite things about this past weekend was that everyone thought we were crazy for going up to Idaho to wakeboard/water ski. They all proclaimed it would be freezing and therefore not much fun. On the contrary, it was a beautiful weekend all around. The sky was perfectly blue and the clouds were white and puffy. Yes, we wore dry suits out on the water but that just made us feel like astronauts, so obviously it was awesome. I just love activities that can be done in seasons you wouldn't think you would want to do them in.

As for this week, things are not too exciting. I have three midterms but am hoping for the best. My only big plan is to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions box; it's jam packed since I was gone for three days. I'm sure small events will turn up as the week goes on, though. Simply put, life is good.

Last YouTube video I watched: Sexy Skeleton (I spent practically all afternoon catching up on all the latest Shaytards' videos.)

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