Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Some days I love the ability to connect with others via the internet and mobile phones. Other days I wish it was a little less prominent in my life. And this is probably one of the most cliche things I've ever posted. It's not that I feel overwhelmed by it or even that I find too much drama in all the social networking. I don't even really yearn for simpler times. Sometimes I really just want to disconnect from it all for no other reason than I just want to.

There's things like Facebook and Twitter which I really don't need in life. Those things I really can do without. There's YouTube which I can also do without but that's basically my form of television. There's this blog which, in a sense, is just for me. Then there's e-mail. In college, not checking your e-mail multiple times a day can be almost catastrophic. You miss assignments, you don't hear about canceled classes, group members need your help and you can't provide it. And that irks me.

What I would like to do even more is keep my cell phone off all day. However, when you are a kid living thousands of miles away from home, that's not so much an option on account of how that's basically the only method of communication your parents have with you. I don't often freak out about not getting a response via text message from a friend, boy or otherwise, but I'd still like a day where I wouldn't have to worry about any of it. Sometimes I try to do it for a night, just leave my phone in my room unattended, but those days are few and far between. Another reason I have trouble doing it is because I want to be available. If a friend needs something, anything, whether it be someone in Utah or someone from back home, I want to be there for people if they need me.

Last YouTube video I watched: The Art of Falling

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Becca said...

i absolutely love the feeling of disconnecting. its amazing. we need to go camping for a bit..its even better when you disconnect and then connect with nature. in malaysia too it was real nice not even having a computer nearby. LOVE IT SO MUCH. and yet i'm addicted to technology.